Mastic Service

You might think you only require one of our services but the real benefit to you is using us for both cleaning and mastic pointing:

You only deal with one company, receive one invoice and only have to manage the movement of one team on your site and most importantly no more waiting for a second company to arrive!

This saves you both time and money....Kirk Contracts offers this unique service applying Mastic Pointing services whilst cleaning is taking place.

There is no better time to apply silicone sealants to door frames, window frames, sanitary ware, kitchen appliances, vinyl flooring, tiled surfaces, expansion joints and perimeter skirting than when it is completely clean and dust free.

Our operatives are not paid by the meter, we are already on site carrying out cleaning services; this ensures a “rush free” professional service.

We are able to offer you a great range of colours for your projects; we buy only top grade sealant from Soudal Ltd , Adshead Ratcliffe Ltd (Arbo), Everbuild and Mapei which include the standard LM & HM ranges, plus a wider range of specialist sealants so please ask for more details.