The Reach & Wash System


Kirk Contracts Ltd first invested in the Reach and Wash System over 20 years ago, and was THE first window cleaning company in Nottingham to start using this innovative system.

The main benefit of our Reach and Wash System is that it can be used safely by a single operator from the ground. There is no need for any ladders, which makes us 100% compliant with all Health and Safety requirements. It is also Environmentally friendly as its utilises 100% pure water and no need for extra cleaning chemicals.

With two hoses that have a range of 200 feet, we can clean around most buildings with less damage and disturbance to your building and its surroundings. We can now clean windows, signs, cladding and fascias up to a height of 70 feet. This is the safest way possible to clean exterior high windows and you will certainly notice the difference.